Disc Jockeys Unlimited has the Most Talented & Professional Group of DJ's in the Tri-State Area
No Matter what your Event or Musical taste, We can provide you the Perfect DJ for Any Affair.

We Always get the Party Grooving!

We Always get the Party Grooving!

"An Exclusive Disc Jockey Service That Can Provide You With Professional DJ's For Any Affair!"


Disc Jockeys Unlimited

We have a team of 12 DJ’s for you to choose from and each one of them is talented and can add fun and excitement to your party. We have a huge selection of music for you to choose from, you’ll find all your favorite hits, both old and new.

We Have the Equipment Needed

Disc Jockeys Unlimited

Your event or party needs to go off without a hitch! This is why we at Disc Jockeys Unlimited bring everything you need. From the lights, sound, music and more; we’re your one-stop-solution!


Disc Jockeys Unlimited

Are you having a birthday, wedding or graduation party? We can customize our playlists and services according to the need of the hour. We also have a simple form that you can fill out for wedding announcements.

Featuring DJ Johnny Fever WEDDINGS Are OUR SPECIALTY

DJ Johnny Fever has years of experience behind him and knows just how to manage a crowd of any size and any age group. Get his excellent skills for your party anywhere in Allegheny and Washington County including THE TRI-STATE Area. We also have over 12 Professional Wedding DJ's with many years of Experience, SO we know how to get the Party Started and have it Last all night Long!

Disc Jockeys Unlimited

Plan your party with our excellent services in mind.
Call us now to book your dates and see what we can offer.

412-997-2143 Pittsburgh, Pa. | 724-587-3772 Washington, Pa.

Plan your party with our excellent services in mind.
Call us now to book your dates and see what we can offer.

412-997-2143 Pittsburgh, Pa.

724-587-3772 Washington, Pa.

Testimonials and Reviews

BRIDE and GROOM: Gary and Wendy

DATE: February 14
LOCATION: Doubletree, Cleveland, Ohio

My husband and I had a lot of song requests we filled out at least two pages of songs. I didn’t think that any DJ could possibly have all of our requests – some of the songs were not very familiar – but DJ Johnny Fever played them all for us. It made our wedding reception very special to us – and we can listen to the songs on our video any time we want. I know other DJs cannot do this. DJ Johnny Fever was very easy to work with, very thorough – he asked us questions about our wedding ceremony, number of guests, age of guests, what order we wanted the bouquet toss, etc. that we would have never thought of ourselves. He was very professional in every sense of the word. I would hire him again whenever we need him for an anniversary or graduation party in our family.

BRIDE and GROOM: Karen and George

DATE: March 14
LOCATION: Hilton, Columbus, Ohio

My husband and I planned a formal wedding with an upscale theme – Tiffany’s. Our wedding planner used the turquoise and silver colors of Tiffany’s as the main theme at our reception. We were concerned about choosing a DJ for our reception – some of our friends had nightmare experiences with DJ’s showing up in blue jeans, with XXX music and with no backup music when the internet was not available. Our wedding planner assured us that DJ Johnny Fever was the perfect choice for our “Tiffany’s” themed wedding and she was right. DJ Johnny Fever and his assistant were dressed in formal evening clothes, spoke in a professional manner, handled all pre-arrangements in a business like fashion with contracts, pre-planning, and took the time to customize the line up of the music for our reception to suit our every wish. He made good suggestions and gave us choices for the bridal dance, father-daughter dance, etc. He was worth double the fee we paid for his services. The quality of the sound of the music was excellent – it was evident that the equipment, speakers, microphones were top of the line. We would highly recommend DJ Johnny Fever if you are as particular as we are about entertaining family and friends for special events.

BRIDE and GROOM: Megan and Nate

DATE: July 6
LOCATION: Parents’ Back Yard

My husband and I had a destination wedding in Jamaica. It was very romantic and turned out exactly as we wanted. However, many of our family and friends could not attend, so my parents decided to have a large backyard barbeque to celebrate. The event was casual with a luau theme – everyone dressed in sun dresses and Hawaiian shirts, etc. We hired DJ Johnny Fever to provide our entertainment. He and his assistant wore resort casual clothes and blended in perfectly with our guests. DJ Johnny Fever made suggestions, such as announcing the bride, groom, parents and special guests. His assistant took care of guiding guests to the buffet line for the caterers. He made all announcements and kept the days’ events flowing in an organized fashion. Our guests had a lot of song requests and DJ Johnny Fever had every song!!! From Oldies to Hip Hop to Country. No one had a request turned down. Everyone had a great time and partied till they dropped.

BRIDE and GROOM: Donna and John

DATE: December 28
LOCATION: Sheraton Station Square. Pittsburgh, PA

We had challenges planning our wedding because my husband and I lived overseas during our engagement. Not all of our wedding vendors were as trouble-free as DJ Johnny Fever. He virtually took all of the worry and time-consuming decisions off of our shoulders – his suggestions about the reception flow of events (bridal party entrance, bouquet toss, toast, cake cutting, etc.) made the process very smooth. He even had song lists and suggestions for all of the special parts of the reception and made the reception relaxed for all of us travelling from long distances. He managed to conduct the reception with confidence but without being intrusive – DJ Johnny Fever was classy, not brassy, and our guests were impressed and satisfied. The music was not offensive – even the hip/hop songs that our guests requested were edited for all listeners. Everyone danced well into the last minutes of the party. I am glad we captured the music and dancing on our video so that we can enjoy them over and over again.

CORPORATE CUSTOMER: International Business Solutions, Director of Operations

DATE: June 11
LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club

We hired DJ Johnny Fever to entertain at our corporate event. I attended a sales meeting at another corporations and observed that DJ Johnny Fever presented himself in a professional manner (tuxedo, neat appearance, polite demeanor, etc.). Our corporation had an exclusive executive level meeting on a yacht in Fort Lauderdale with spouses/partners for 100 people – top shelf bar, gourmet food, butler service, the works. The age of the guests ranged from 25 to 60+ years and came from many different countries. Because we had a carte blanche budget, I authorized my staff to arrange for DJ Johnny Fever and his assistant to fly from Pittsburgh, paid for travel and equipment rental, etc. His professional service was well worth the money. Everything about his DJ service was professional – besides appearance, he assessed the audience well and played music that was entertaining to all guests. Cocktail and dinner music were appropriate and classy, allowing for ease of conversation among the guests. He had all the necessary microphones for announcements and acknowledgments from the corporate attendees and then played edited, up to date music which permitted dancing well into the late evening. I was able to attend to other demands at this event and did not have to worry about the quality and professionalism of the DJ – which gained me points with my VPs.

BRIDE and GROOM: Lou and Sharon

DATE:September 28
LOCATION: Marriott. Cleveland, Ohio

We hired DJ Johnny Fever to entertain at our wedding reception because he did such a great job at our cousin’s wedding. We booked him 2 years in advance – the deposit required was reasonable and he service was a great value compared to the fees charged by other DJs who sometimes were sub-standard. We had a lot of different family types to take into consideration – some wanted Italian songs, some wanted Ohio State fight songs, etc. and DJ Johnny Fever had all of our song requirements. No one was disappointed. A least two of our family members booked him for their weddings based on the great job he did at our wedding.

BRIDE and GROOM: Tonya and Chuck

DATE: August 24
LOCATION: Southpointe Golf Club. Canonsburg, PA

DJ Johnny Fever really saved the day for our wedding reception. We initially booked a reputable DJ who had a family emergency the day before our wedding reception. We had resigned ourselves to having no “party” after our reception dinner. Fortunately for us, DJ Johnny Fever filled in and none of our guests knew that we had averted a crisis. DJ Johnny Fever’s many years of professional experience saved our day. Not only did he entertain, announce, play all of our chosen songs for the bridal dance, etc. he also played the music for the ceremony, too. The guests were having such a good time that my father-in-law ordered 2 extra hours of music, so that our guests could dance and have fun long after my new husband and I left for our honeymoon. I would highly recommend DJ Johnny Fever for a “worry free” wedding reception.

BRIDE and GROOM: Eddie and Bonnie

DATE: November 2
LOCATION: Independence VFD, Beaver County, PA

My husband and I had to plan a very large reception because we both come from large families and had nearly 500 guests attend the reception. We had 12 bridesmaids and ushers that had to be announced and kept in line for the wedding reception events like the garter toss, money dance, bridal party entrance. It was not an easy job – but DJ Johnny Fever and his assistant Lisa, did a great job of “crowd control”, they pronounced all the names correctly (reviewed this with us ahead of time), know how to play songs that didn’t offend the old folks in the beginning of the evening and then played all the latest songs – country, rap, - anything our friends requested. We were not done partying at the end of the contracted time, but DJ Johnny Fever was willing stay for “overtime”. I know everyone at the wedding reception had a great time.